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Natural Awakenings Rhode Island

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General questions about the magazine

FREQUENCY – How often does the magazine come out?

We print and distribute our publication monthly, 12 times a year.

DELIVERY SCHEDULE – What day of the month can I expect to see the magazine on stands?

Magazines start to be delivered around the 27th of the month. In general, most locations should have the magazine by the first of the month.

CIRCULATION – What is it?

Currently (February 2013) printing 22,000 magazines, distributed to over 650 locations.

READERSHIP – What is it?

The industry average states that about 2.5 people read each publication. Based on 22,000 magazines printed that would equal a monthly readership of 55,000.

Advertising – How can I receive information on advertising?

Call 401-709-2473 or email the [email protected]

 DIGITAL MAGAZINE - I would like to be in the online digital magazine, is that possible?

Our digital magazine that is distributed online is a mirror copy of our print magazine. It has the same content and it also has live links. Therefore, if you advertise with us, your information will be exposed in both our print magazine that is distributed throughout Rhode Island, and in our digital magazine that is distributed to our online readers and shared on all our social media networks.


How can I get Natural Awakenings distributed in my building or at my location?

Please send us an email or call us and we will gladly add your location, minimum quantity of 20 magazines preferred (some exceptions to that rule).

DISTRIBUTION – where is it distributed?

Our publication is delivered to over 650 locations throughout Rhode Island… from Woonsocket to Westerly, and all communities in between. Because we are such a small state, we occasionally fall over the border and you can find us in select locations in Massachusetts border towns.

Editorial – What's the difference between editorial and advertorial?

Advertorial is editorial that has a self-promoting perspective. Articles in our publication are not advertorial in nature.

SUBMITTING EDITORIAL - How can I submit editorial content for the magazine?

Submit your articles to [email protected], or submit your news briefs here

DESIGNING YOUR AD - Details on the process

COST – How much does it cost?

Our prices range from $1 per word for a classified listing, to $1,150 for the back cover with many options in between. Call 401-709-2473 or email [email protected] to set up a convenient meeting time to discuss the possibilities.

DESIGNER INFO – My graphic designer will design my ad, what does she/he need to know?

If your designer is going to design the ad, have them review our file specs for information on ad specs and design considerations. Have your designer email you either the ad, or email the ad to us with a reference to who you are.

FIRST – What do I need to decide first?

If you're running a display ad (the ads with the borders around them, choose what size ad you want to run, and if you are including color.

WORDS – What about the copy… the words?

On our form there is some space to place your copy. Start with the headline. Place in general order of what you expect for the final ad. Typically the company name and contact information is at the end. Include your website if you want to help drive readers there. With our online edition, your web address (URL) becomes an active link that takes the reader directly to your website with one click.

FORMAT – Do I need to format the copy?

No, we will format all the copy for you in the proof.

AMOUNT OF COPY – How much copy should I include?

Remember, less is better when it comes to what to place in your ad. Be clear on what you want in your ad. You will have the chance to correct any error in the ad once you receive your first proof.

CHANGES - Can I change my mind about the copy once I receive my first proof?

Yes, you can change your copy. We will then generate a new proof. With copy changes you may be subject to a revision charge (minimum of $25)… so talk with your team, and review all the words you want to place in your ad. We will update phone numbers at no charge during your agreement period.

DESIGN SPECS - What does CMYK and RGB refer to?

CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These are the printing ink colors used to print your ad. RGB refers to Red, Green, Blue and are the colors of light to show images on computers. Because we are a print medium, we request graphic files be sent in CMYK.

WEB PHOTOS – Can I use photos and graphics from my website?

No, typically web RGB images are not high enough resolution for print, they are only 72 dots per inch (dpi). Images should have at least 150 dpi to print well. Many images are 300 dpi.