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Natural Awakenings Rhode Island

Editorial Guidelines & Policy

Editorial Overview

Thank you for your interest in writing for Rhode Island Natural Awakenings, the state's premier healthy living, healthy planet magazine, reaching over 50,000 readers per. Our mission is to educate our audience about how they can make the most of natural healthy, sustainable/green living. profiles this mind/body/spirit-savvy audience.

Each month, we share pertinent global news and interviews with national experts. We also spotlight local people, exploring their natural healthy living activities and businesses. We welcome ideas for stories as well as local article submissions, some of which may qualify for one of our departments: Conscious Eating; Fit Body; Green Living; Healing Ways; Natural Pet; Healthy Kids; Graceful Aging and Wise Words.

Articles and other editorial should be submitted by email as a MS Word document attachment or text embedded in the body of the email. For the most chance of acceptance, we suggest you review the Natural Awakenings Editorial Style Requirements.

We ask that you familiarize yourself with our monthly editorial calendar (click image to right) and the general content, styling and the kinds of topics we have covered in the past by reviewing a print copy of the magazine or by visiting our digital archives.

General Notes

  • If your article has been published elsewhere, we are most likely not interested in it unless you own the rights and can rework original copy on the same topic.

  • We typically do not pay for locally written articles, unless the piece is produced on an assigned/contract basis. The byline and bio provided with each article, as well as the exposure publication in Natural Awakenings provides, create exceptional value through the exposure achieved for the writer and his/her business or practice. Educational and informative articles tend to build credibility and branding, whether alone or in ways that compliment and strengthen conventional advertising approaches. Thus, the space provided for articles published in Natural Awakenings can be valued as equal to, and in some cases much more, the same space in paid display advertising. And because we don't charge for article publication, it's a win/win: we get good articles for our readers and you benefit from the exposure.

  • We reserve one-time rights to publish your work in print, on our website and digital editions of all Natural Awakenings magazines. The contributor, whether paid or not, retains the rights to resell their intellectual property; original copy is embargoed for six months from publication.

  • Your original work will be edited to fit Natural Awakenings’ style and we reserve that right. Edited submissions are not subject to copy review. We will contact you to fact-check as needed, depending upon the amount of editing necessary.

  • Include a one-to-three-sentence bio at the end of the submission that lists your city/state; phone, email and/or website; credentials (degrees and/or other relevant experience); and any areas of specialty. You may also list awards, published books (title, publisher and year) or books to be published (title, publisher, proposed release date). Avoid blatant sales promotion, which decreases the editorial credibility of the piece. We may cut for length.

  • Please write to recommended/assigned word length.

  • Because of the volume of submissions we receive and the possibility of overlapping topics, we cannot guarantee publication; and if accepted, we may not publish your piece immediately. If you would like us to hang onto the submission for future consideration, please let us know when submitting your article.

  • If your article or News Brief is selected for publication, we will notify you. Because of space limitation and layout timelines we may not notify in advance if a News Brief is being published, unless you are running a paid advertisement elsewhere in the magazine.

  • If you are an advertiser, we will indicate the page number of your ad at the end of the published news brief.

Submission Lengths, Deadlines and Descriptions:

Local Feature/Department Articles

Lead features and departmental articles generally support the designated issue theme. Rather than tackle a vast subject, it is better to focus on a particular segment (e.g., “Using Chinese Medicine to Treat Menopause” rather than “Everything You Want to Know About Chinese Medicine”). Most features include at least one short sidebar.

Length: 500-750 words (some articles longer, inquire first)

Due on the 10th of the month prior to publication.

News Briefs

What's new in here in Rhode Island? Share it with us! Do you have a new business? Did you recently became certified in a new therapy? Do you have a special event coming up? Information about green or renewable resources? We welcome news items relevant to our publication as well as any hot tips or suggestions you may have for an article. Click here for more information on NewsBrief submissions.

Length: 100 to 200 words

Due on the 10th of the month prior to publication.

Submission information:

Editorial Text

  • All editorial must be in digital format. No faxed or printed submissions are accepted.

  • Email as an attached MS Word or text file to: [email protected]

Photos and Graphics

  • Unretouched digital photos (JPG or TIFF format), right out of the camera, are preferred.

  • Professionally printed photos scanned at 300 dpi as TIFF or JPG format accepted. (We can also scan professionally printed photos in-house.) Provide credit line if appropriate.

  • Not accepted: graphics embedded into Microsoft Word documents, website images or computer-printed material.

  • Include all photos or graphics as email attachments (or CD) accompanying your text.

Need more information or have questions? Contact us directly by email.

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