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Natural Awakenings Rhode Island

Calendar Listing Policies

Basic calendar listings can be either date specific events or ongoing events.

If you have an event that happens on a regular basis such as every Tuesday or first Friday of the month or Monday, Wednesday, Friday then you would enter your event as an ongoing event with the details and only enter it once. An ongoing event needs to be reentered every month to ensure the integrity of the data.

If you have an event that runs through consecutive days from start to finish, you should enter this as a one time calendar event and include the start, day, and time of the first day of the event. The description should say how many days it is.

If you have an event that will only occur once, enter it as a one time calendar event for the day and time of the event.

Since there is no user sign in for the calendar listing tool, you will not be able to edit listings once they have been saved. Please pay close attention to the preview to ensure that your listing is correct before saving it.

Basic and extended listings must have all of the following:

  • The start date of the event

  • The start and end time of the event

  • A Title

  • A description

  • A cost (even if you just write the word "free")

  • A host (this should be the establishment name, including the teacher or leader means the establishment is not identified and misses out on an opportunity to have their name in the magazine)

  • Either an email address or a phone number or both to contact the host for more information

  • The listing can include either the email address OR the website address but not both

  • The listing should have the address of the event if there is one

Please do not include all capital letters to highlight parts of your listing. This does not follow our format and will be changed to standard case.

We have a set of guidelines you may use to determine the eligibility and / or cost of a listing:

  1. If you have a store front or other public facing establishment in the state of Rhode Island and can distribute 20 or more magazines per month to your clients, you can be considered a distributor. A distributor is entitled to two (2) free BASIC listing per month, either ongoing or one time event ($20 value).

  2. If you are a display advertiser with a business card size advertisement or larger you are entitled to five (5) free BASIC listings per month ($50 value).

  3. Five is the maximum number of free listings that any individual or organization is entitled to. If you need additional listings beyond what you are entitled to, the cost is $10 per additional BASIC listing.

  4. Some contracts entitle the advertiser to free "Mark Your Calendar" listings. Check your contract to confirm the details of this arrangement.

To find out how to get your FREE $50 per month in calendar listings and appear in Rhode Islands fastest growing natural and healthy living magazine, contact us at [email protected] or call us at 401-709-2473.

There are two types of listings:

BASIC (about 25 word description) - $10

MARK YOUR CALENDAR (special highlighted listing) - $50

Listings that are not entitled and are not paid for will not be printed. This is to protect our supporters and to maintain the integrity of the magazine. If you would like to pay for a calendar listing you may choose to pay at the time you enter the listing using the calendar listing tool, using this link to PayPal, or by clicking the PayPal button on our home page. PayPal will allow you to pay either from your PayPal account if you have one or with a credit card.

Thank you for your kind understanding of this. We do want to continue to provide this wonderful resource to the community, and as a free publication we welcome your support.