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Elaine Blais Releases 3 Secrets to a Kickass Life Book

Elaine Blais, founder and CEO of Elaine Blais Life Coaching, has released her book, 3 Secrets to a Kickass Life. The book is about empowering women to live their dreams and offers simple practices for personal development and self-leadership.

Blais asks readers to imagine a world where they give themselves permission to live the life they dream of, without feeling shame or guilt for doing it. The book is a primer, a starting point, to step out of the confines of conventional thinking and self-imposed limitations.

Blais shares, “I spent a lot of my life living the life I believed I was supposed to live. It was a good life— family, home, career—the dream. At the same time, I longed for more. There was a deep sense of restlessness, that something was missing. That something was me. Still, I’d spent so much time caring for everyone else, I had no idea who I was and what I truly wanted.”

This book contains bits of her story interwoven with practices she used to get clear on what her heart and soul desired, disrupt the limiting stories in her head and dare to live into her dreams in the present moment.

Cost: $9.99. Available at or directly at Purchase includes access to free audio downloads of the guided meditations within the book.