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Natural Awakenings Rhode Island

It Can Be Done

Dec 26, 2020 02:14PM ● By Maureen Cary

As I was looking through some of my mother in law's old books recently, I came across this poem, “The Struggle” published in 1938 by Edgar A Guest in the book It Can Be Done. It says it far better than I could:

Life is a struggle for peace,

    A longing for rest,

A hope for the battles to cease,

     A dream for the best;

And he is not living who stays

     Contented with things,

Unconcerned with the work of the days

     And all that it brings.

 He is dead who sees nothing to change,

     No wrong to make right;

Who travels no new way or strange

     In search of light;

Who never sets out for a goal

     That he sees from afar

But contents his indifferent soul

     With things as they are.

 Life isn’t rest – it is toil;

     It is building a dream;

It is tilling a parcel of soil

     Or bridging a stream;

It’s pursuing the light of a star

     That but dimly we see,

And in wresting from things as they are

     The joy that should.


To a healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2021.