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Begin Body Bathing with the Feet

Our feet are an essential part of our body, responsible for balance and getting us around in life. How often we forget to begin our body bathing with the cleansing of our feet to encourage the body’s natural circulation flow. Gentle exfoliation of our feet and skin helps to remove dead skin cells, increases circulation, prevents dryness and cracking, detoxes skin and helps with the absorption of moisturizers (avoid between toes) for skin wellness. Avoid loofahs and sponges that can harbor bacteria and replace face cloths daily.

Skin brushing is another simple and effective skincare routine for the health and beauty maintenance of skin. Take a quick five-minute break throughout the day to energize the blood flow by moving ankles inward, then outward, wiggle toes and tap your feet to become energized and to stay grounded to the Earth.

Pamela Auger is a nurse, lymphatic drainage therapist and esthetician who invented, manufactures and distributes the OctoVie Skin Care Brush. For more information, visit