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Natural Awakenings Rhode Island

Vote Love

Sep 30, 2020 11:19AM ● By Maureen Cary

Although Natural Awakenings typically steers away from political activity aside from the occasional Action Alert, the 2020 Election has sparked a deep compulsion within me to speak up regarding this unprecedented event with regard to voting rights and our obligation as Americans to execute on those rights. I am under no illusion that my small but earnest publication holds any sway among the Rhode Island electorate, but I do believe that silence is complicity and every voice matters.

I typically prefer to look on the positive, challenging as it can be at times.  One of the reasons is my general belief in The Law of Attraction. This fundamental law states that like attracts like. Yet we often find, as much as we dislike somebody, something, or some situation, we get more of it, not less. The reason is, our minds are more focused on the negative—what we don’t want—versus the positive—what we do want. Negative minds attract more negative realities.

Accordingly, my “endorsement” is to ask you to vote for what you want, not what you don’t want. In other words, the state of mind you bring to the polling booth should be one of love, not fear; of hope, not despair; of unity, not division.

Whether you vote in person or by mail, I urge you to take whatever time you need to generate positive feelings and not commit the act of voting with a negative mind. I have been voting by mail for many years as it gives me an opportunity to research lesser known candidates for non-national positions to understand their record.

So, with a month to go before Election Day, I encourage you to start now. Generate positive feelings throughout the month so that, by the time November 3rd rolls around, perhaps we can collectively generate a tidal wave of positivity that drives more positive people to the polls. Remember: Like attracts like. If you spend October criticizing, decrying, screaming, abhorring and hating, what type of voters do you think are going to show up in waves?

One last thought for those of you who believe that you are once again saddled with a choice of the lesser of two evils and that you have to hold your nose while pulling the levers of electoral justice:  As a business owner, I know that if I wait for the perfect choice in difficult times, my business will not progress at all because there is no such thing as a perfect decision. Instead of thinking “lesser of two evils”, we should bring positivity to the best opportunity, inclusiveness and the future.

Finally, I encourage you to repeat, like a mantra, to attract what many of us ultimately want on November 3rd—empathy, compassion, community and collaboration. Please repeat them throughout the morning, afternoon and evening. Then, let’s reap what we sow.  

                                                                      Peace,  Maureen