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Natural Awakenings Rhode Island

Happy 12 years to us!

Aug 27, 2020 11:34AM ● By Maureen Cary

Happy 12th Anniversary to Rhode Island Natural Awakenings! Somehow, 12 years have passed as we go to print with our 145th issue. Publishing a monthly magazine seems to make time go by even faster than it does otherwise. I am writing this letter in August for the September issue while already working on what will be running in October. I get dizzy sometimes with the “what month is it?” syndrome.

There have been so many changes over the 12 years, personally, within our wonderful state, country and even with the world. For instance, I never would have imagined that masks would become commonplace, yet now my 5-year-old granddaughter matter-of-factly pulls a couple of masks out of her gymnastics bag along with her pink sneakers and leotard. Our whole lives have been turned upside down, and yet we collectively shrug and keep on moving forward.

Resiliency is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. We are readying for the seventh month with COVID, with much uncertainty still ahead and how quickly it will all recover unknown. It’s near impossible to make plans while in limbo with no end in sight or any idea of what that end will look like.

To help with navigating all this adversity, we share two wonderful articles on helping children and families be more resilient and rise above today’s challenges. In Raising Resilient Kids, How to Help Them Bounce Back, on page 20, Ronica O’Hara suggests resilience becomes a household word to help empower children. In Resiliency Wanted, Helping Families Rise Above Today’s Challenges on page 22, self-care seems to be the most important solution; we can’t help anyone when we are depleted ourselves.

I recently watched the musical Hamilton—finally. I loved it so much; I’ve so far re-watched it twice and plan to even more. Alexander Hamilton was the picture of resiliency. As I’m typing this letter, the sound track in my mind is singing “Rise Up!”. Until theatres open again and I can see it live on stage, I’ll just keep singing the song and finding ways to rise up to any adversity that comes my way.


                                    Let’s help each other rise up