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Natural Awakenings Rhode Island

SaniTides’ Fresh Line of Personal Safety Products

Manufactured in Providence, SaniTides features an aromatic, organic liquid atomizer, hand santizer and form-fitted facemasks to meet the current need for personal safety products. Having created Verity, an aromatic, organic liquid atomizer more than 20 years ago, owner James Verity saw the need to bring this exquisite blend of essential oils and witch hazel to the market as a facemask spray. It is not only refreshing and uplifting, but inhibits bacteria growth. Verity is pure enough to use topically and is soothing on bedding, or as a delightful environment conditioner.

Disappointed by the low quality and dreadful smelling hand sanitizers flooding the market, Verity created the citrus-mint, silky, 80 percent alcohol hand sanitizer fortified with food grade vegetable glycerin and pure orange and peppermint oils. “It is not only highly effective as a topical antiseptic, but smells awesome while it works,” he says.

SaniTides also features a line of custom-fitted, reversible, two-ply 100 percent cotton facemasks. According to a June 27 segment on CNN by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, this type of mask is the most effective non-surgical mask at preventing the spread of droplets and aerosols from coughing. These washable masks are form fitted and stylish and come in an array of patterns.

SaniTides can be purchased at Goddard Park, Fisherman’s Memorial and Casey Farm farmer’s markets, or visit for more information and purchases.