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May 29, 2020 03:02PM ● By Wendy Fachon

In quick response to the travel restraints and physical distancing required to control the spread of COVID-19, fitness, yoga, Pilates and meditation studios have shifted to online class formats. The following practices are using live streaming and video technology to help Rhode Islanders stay well, reduce anxiety and increase physical and mental resilience.

INTEGRATIVE WELLNESS RI, in East Greenwich, is offering virtual classes in functional fitness, integrative stretching, self-care, reiki and meditation. As a certified exercise physiologist and Usui/Holy Fire III reiki master, owner Alyssa Knapp uses complementary and alternative methods to promote optimal well-being. Integrating principles of kinesiology, positive psychology, energy techniques and other holistic therapies, this practice catalyzes the shift from healing to thriving. The cost is $5 per class or $20 per week for unlimited classes, and private sessions also available.

SYNERGY POWER YOGA, in Barrington, is live streaming classes. Maryellen Fowler leads a 45-minute Yoga Nidra experience on Wednesdays at 4 p.m. This session can be done on the bed or on the floor with blankets, pillows and eye pillows. Studio owner Alyssa Sullivan’s classes can be accessed by connecting through Synergy’s website to download them through Zoom. Recorded sessions are being posted on Facebook so individuals can practice at a time that best suits their personal schedule. Those that have lost income can practice for free, while those with financial stability are asked to help support Synergy by donating through the website.

TIME FOR YOU YOGA, in Cumberland, is offering online Svaroopa yoga classes. Based on a significantly different paradigm, this style of yoga excels in core opening and spinal decompression by releasing the tension in the muscles connected to the spine. Svaroopa yoga specializes in bliss and the practice uses the physicality of yoga to provide a deeper experience. The studio is currently offering six beginning/continuing classes per week via Zoom. Participants need some props in order to participate in classes: blankets, blocks and a chair. Maria Sichel, owner and primary teacher at Time For You Yoga is a certified Svaroopa yoga teacher and yoga therapist. She has trained extensively with Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati the originator of Svaroopa yoga.

LAUGHING ELEPHANT YOGA, in East Greenwich, is posting Facebook live videos and YouTube videos every day to help students continue their practice at home. The class schedule is posted on the studio’s website, and anyone can go to the Laughing Elephant Yoga Facebook page at the scheduled time and date to experience the class. The videos remain posted, so individuals can access them as their own personal schedules may vary.

ANANDA RHODE ISLAND, in North Kingstown, is a community offering Kriya Yoga, spiritually oriented hatha yoga and meditation sessions Sunday through Friday through Zoom. Ananda is a global movement based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of one of the 10 best-selling spiritual classics of the century, Autobiography of a Yogi. Ananda was founded in 1968 by Yogananda’s direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda. Yogananda was the first yoga master of India whose mission was to live and teach in the West. He spoke of the underlying oneness of all religions and the path of self-realization.

JALA STUDIO, in downtown Providence, offers ashtanga, vinyasa and jivamukti yoga classes. Jivamukti yoga is a vigorous and creative style of vinyasa yoga. It is a physically and intellectually stimulating practice that emphasizes spiritual awareness. Each class focuses on a theme, which is supported by asana sequencing, yogic breathing, music, meditation and explorations of yogic philosophy. A $10 fee is suggested for online classes. Visit the studio website for a listing of weekday and weekend classes.

SANTOSHA YOGA STUDIO, in South Providence, provides Zoom classes to studio members, class pass holders and intro package holders. Non-members may register to drop in. To access Zoom classes, one must join the Santosha Community Private Group through Santsha Yoga Studio’s Facebook page or email [email protected]

AULL PILATES AND MOVEMENT STUDIO, in Middletown, offers remote classes with a focus on exercises designed to increase strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and control, while also calming the mind. Pilates focuses on the deep stabilizing muscles of the torso, hips and shoulder girdle. The exercises emphasize joint stability and muscle balance to create a stronger and more flexible spine. Controlling muscles while focusing the mind enhances awareness of muscle function and coordination.

 Wendy Fachon is a regular contributor to Natural Awakenings and host of the Story Walking Radio Hour on the Dream Visions 7 Radio Network. Visit and search out her podcasts on sustainable living.