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When a Weed is Not a Weed

Apr 30, 2020 10:47AM ● By David Jones

A weed is most often described as a plant growing where it is not wanted. If a rose sprouts up in the middle of our lawn, it ceases to be a flower and instead we call it a weed, because it’s growing in the wrong place. So, the rule applies to all plants that are growing where we don’t want them.  

We generally think of plants with little or no commercial value, aesthetics or pleasing appearance as weeds. But learning the names and descriptions of weeds can sometimes give us a tasty treat. Perhaps the oft despised dandelion is the best example. We can eat its leaves and drink tea made from dried leaves and the flowers. Purslane, sheep sorrel, lamb’s quarter, stinging nettle and garlic mustard are others.

As we get more familiar with our yards during this shelter-in-place time, we might just discover new food sources that have been here all along.

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