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Natural Awakenings Rhode Island

May 2020 is here

Apr 30, 2020 10:22AM ● By Maureen Cary

May 2020 is here and what interesting times we live in. This will be my twelfth May Letter From the Publisher. We are proud to say that for more than a decade Natural Awakenings Rhode Island has been focused on all forms of health. Month after month we try to feature topics from physical health to mental health to planetary health and even pet health. Never has our health been more important than today.  Being fit, taking precautions, eating well, meditating, and almost paramount, positivity, all play a role in how we will weather this storm. 

 This month’s issue is of particular interest to me. Our editorial focus is autoimmune health. As one of the millions in the world with an autoimmune disease, I pay very close attention news and developments on the topic. You will read about how to boost your immune system while minimizing the over-active aspects by combining nutrition, fitness, and modern treatments. Chances are, you or someone you know has one of these diseases and we encourage you to share this with as many people as you can.

 Our Global Briefs have some fun tidbits with insights into how bees think, new ideas for climate health and an important observation about wilderness and people.  With our cities squeezing more and more into less space all the time, finding wilderness is not always that easy. Still, you may want to use this time we are not socializing to get out on a hike or walking path that takes you away from the day to day.

 One of the things we are touched by is how everyone around us seems to want to help.  It’s not in the traditional way since we cannot be together but everyone seems to be trying.  As a small business owner, we recognize how important it is that we can support our mission.  Our advertisers have been so kind. Our editors, layout staff, printers, and distributors have all worked hard to cut our costs where they could.  In return, we are working with our advertisers to help them where we can.  We encourage you to support our advertisers and all small businesses more than ever. Natural Awakenings is here for you because of them. Let’s do everything we can to be sure they can keep doing what they do and we can all keep serving each other.

May is full of promise for our future. Everything is green and growing. Mother’s day is this month, the beginning of summer, the warmth of the sun, and of course, it’s my birthday month. This May will not be like any other in our memory but when you think of it, no May is like any other except that it brings hope and visions of new beginnings. Be joyous in yourself and helpful to the people around you.