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Distance Reiki Healing: Fact or Fiction?

Apr 28, 2020 02:39PM ● By Alicia Mastrangelo

A lot of people are surprised to hear the term “Distance Reiki Healing”, as most only know Reiki as an in-person, hands-on healing modality. So is Distance Reiki Healing a real thing? YES! Yes, it is!

Distance Reiki Healing can be performed by any practitioner who has been trained and attuned to perform distance sessions (so not every practitioner can offer this). And the best part is that a Distance Reiki Healing session has all of the same benefits as an in-person session.

So how does it work? Since everything is energy, a trained practitioner can channel Reiki healing energy to the recipient wherever they are located via a specific process they learn as part of their Reiki training. Each practitioner may have a slightly different style or flow for their distance sessions (just as they do for in-person sessions). For the distance reiki sessions performed by Alicia, she works with her client to arrange a specific day and time for their session. During the session, the client is in their own space, relaxing and being open to receiving. Simultaneously, Alicia works in her space to send Reiki healing energy to them and receive any messages and information pertinent to the session that day; she does not need to be physically connected (via phone, zoom, etc.) to the client during the session. Once the session is complete, Alicia will contact them to pass along the information she received and discuss any suggestions or recommendations.

If you are interested in having a Distance Reiki Healing session, please contact Alicia directly at [email protected] or 401-323-7199. Visit Live It Love It Wellness to learn more about Alicia and all that she offers at Live It Love It Wellness.