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Holding Firm in a Storm

Mar 30, 2020 01:23PM ● By Susan DeLorenzo

When life as we’ve known it is shaken to the ground and we find ourselves in a hailstorm of worry and despair, we are often faced with uncertain decisions and choices as we navigate an adversity that has no exact end date. The change in our circumstances can feel surreal, causing us to exclaim, “This is not my life!”

Even with the belief that there is a seed of good in every adversity, we still need the strength, mindset and skills to sustain and support ourselves while the havoc plays out. We can’t deny the distressing facts coming at us when upheaval enters our lives, but we can learn to manage our thinking and practice calming techniques to keep worry and anguish from overtaking us and our well-being.

Adversity demands something new of us that may not have been accessible in calmer circumstances. Not having a choice but to deal with our monster can raise our game. Accepting our circumstances and making the empowering decision to not see ourselves as a victim sets the stage for facing each new challenge in the days ahead. It won’t eliminate worry, exhaustion and anguish, but there is a place inside all of us where we can find calm.

Like a storm out on the sea, deep down below the surface of the stormy waters, a calm can be found. It requires practice, but we have the capacity to leave our troubles at the surface and go deep into the comforting calm through various means, some of which are shared below.

Breathe: Big, deep breaths into the belly. Fear creates shallow breathing, but with our awareness and focus, we can bring ourselves back into deep cleansing breath.

          Journaling: Use journaling to record feelings and fears, as well as prayers and affirmations.

          Visualization: We’ve been conditioned to prepare for the worst, so it takes practice to create a vision of what we would prefer rather than what we fear.

          Meditation: There are many terrific sites and apps such as YouTube or the app Insight Timer that can take you from a beginner to an established meditator. Meditation places our focus on calming, life-giving mindsets, like a mini vacation from stress.

          Read spiritually supportive literature/watch uplifting movies: Take comfort in reading uplifting scriptures, poetry and watching movies that lift us up or make us laugh.

          Ask for and accept help from others: Once we bring ourselves to being able to ask for and accept help, it can feel like grace pours over our life and situation, and we have more energy available to us.

          Prayer and affirmations: Prayers, affirmations and feelings of gratitude have a different energy than prayers that plead and beg. We were born worthy. We truly are spiritual beings in a human body. Understanding and connecting with our divinity puts us in a position to feel loved and empowered. Keep negativity and negative people at a distance. Some negative people may be under the same roof; do your best to limit your exposure. The fewer people amplifying the dark time, the better. This is the time to pull in a positive team of supporters.

          Music: Listen to all kinds of uplifting and peaceful music, especially when sleep is needed.

No matter what the adversity, there will be time for re-building when the dust has settled. For now, put yourself in a place that brings peace and support.


Susan De Lorenzo is a certified transformational life coach, speaker and author of the upcoming book From Adversity to Awesome. For more information, visit