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Mycorrhizae Make Plants Grow Naturally

Mar 30, 2020 11:35AM ● By David Jones

Mycorrhizae is a symbiotic association between a fungus and a plant. The term mycorrhiza refers to the role of the fungus in the plant’s rhizosphere, its root system. Mycorrhizae play important roles in plant nutrition, soil biology and soil chemistry, however, most soil lacks abundant mycorrhizae because of chemicals that have been added and by construction, the weight of buildings, roads, traffic and mechanical interference by our daily lifestyles.

Adding mycorrhizae to our gardens and yards will restore the natural biological balance to the soil of organisms that allow the transfer of nutrients from soil to plants to occur naturally. Plants supply the mycorrhizae with food obtained from the sun; in turn, the mycorrhizae supply the plant with nutrients obtained from the soil, derived from decaying organic material as it occurs in our woodlands and forests.

Reintroducing this biology will restore the balance naturally and give plants a more natural and sustainable appearance without the use of chemical fertilizers which can run off, causing pollution and water bloom.


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