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Natural Awakenings Rhode Island

Hope and Coventry Library Fitness Class for Seniors

Myrna Moore, a youthful 81-year-old ball of energy and positivity, has developed, along with some senior ladies from Hope and Coventry Library, a Senior Fitness Demo, and they are willing and able to bring it to any group meeting or gathering. The core of this program is weight training to increase bone density and energy levels, which is important in this phase of life. Their program also entails chair exercises, balance and stretching.

Moore’s entire life has been focused on proper nutrition and exercise, and she teaches classes and gives nutrition guidance to seniors in Rhode Island, a state with 16 percent aged 65 or older. She says, “Growing older is not easy, but we can accomplish this chapter in our lives by healthy habits and exercise. Be it sitting or standing, letting the blood flow along with love will give us a feeling of well-being, feeling healthy and happy. This is key to aging gracefully.”

 To book a demo, call 401-490-0307