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Natural Awakenings Rhode Island

Therapy on the Mat

Dr. Jorge C. Armesto is now offering individual yoga therapy sessions by appointment in Providence. With its foundations in ancient yogic philosophy, meditation, psychology and contemporary body-mind approaches, yoga therapy offers an opportunity to practice embodied present-moment awareness to enhance physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

No prior yoga experience is needed. All abilities are welcomed. Inherent in yoga therapy is a deep respect and appreciation for listening to the ways in which our bodies hold our past and current experiences. To honor this process, Armesto works within a trauma-informed approach that emphasizes going slowly, being attuned to our nervous system, cultivating self-compassion and offering moment-to-moment choices as we reconnect with our body in a more spacious manner. If currently working with a psychotherapist to manage grief, anxiety, depression, addiction or to process traumatic experiences, yoga therapy can be an ideal complimentary treatment to traditional talk therapy by helping the body release difficult experiences.

 All yoga therapy sessions last an hour and are personalized through focused awareness, assisted postures, exercises, breath work and non-directive verbal cues. This state of embodied presence facilitates a pre-verbal emotional and mental processing that can bring new awareness and clarity to our lived experience.

Cost: On donation basis (give what you feel moved and able to offer). Online sessions available. For more information, call 781-724-9007 or visit