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Natural Awakenings Rhode Island

Classes for the Holistic Treatment of Anxiety

Discover the power of using the breath to calm an overactive nervous system with classes at heal (v.) studio, in East Providence. Classes at the heal (v.) studio were developed to provide a complete holistic healing experience for individuals suffering from anxiety by combining the most effective treatments in the field of psychology with time-honored alternative healing practices. Each 90-minute class will integrate meditation, breath work, mindfulness exercises and yoga practice with traditional psychotherapy techniques. The next eight-week session begins March 29.

“It is a common misconception that anxiety is ‘all in your head’, but your body is just as involved,” explains Sarah R. Memoli, licensed mental health counselor, registered yoga teacher and certified clinical trauma professional. “An inextricable mind-body connection occurs as anxious thoughts activate biochemical/physical reactions (fight-or-flight response) which then further exacerbates psychological distress and worry. Holistic treatment addresses this entire cycle.”

Participants will learn to recognize triggers that create anxiety spirals and release thought patterns that don’t serve them. Classes include a grounding warm-up of stretching and meditation followed by breathwork exercises/pranayama. A 20-minute discussion of therapeutic psychological techniques and classwork is followed by 30 minutes of yoga. Each class closes with a 10-minute meditation and savasana (rest and release). At-home work is given between classes.

Participation allows for the opportunity to unblock and release chronic physical holding of stress and anxiety in the body, gain control over intrusive thoughts and panic attacks, and reprogram negative thoughts that maintain the anxious response. Memoli invites people to “shift from being stuck in your mind to feeling present in the moment and in your body. Realize that it is entirely possible to be a healthier, happier and calmer version of yourself.”

Cost: $25 per class/$195 for eight-week series. Location: 1019 Waterman Ave., East Providence. For more information or to register for classes, visit See ad on page 11.