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Natural Awakenings Rhode Island

Cutting-Edge Phone Protection

A cutting-edge composite material has recently been developed by Conscious Technologies LLC to transmute the harmful electric and magnetic fields (EMF) given off by phones to EMF that is coherent and harmonious for people using information field technology.

 Conscious Technologies’ solution is not to shield or block the signal but rather to change the signal. Not all EMF is bad. Our hearts give off EMF and things in nature give off EMF, too. The difference is, man-made EMF from our cellular devices give off a left-handed torsion or information field, and things in nature and our hearts give off a right-handed torsion or information field. 

When the Cell Phone Harmonizer by Conscious Technologies is placed on a phone, the spin field of the phone’s EMF is changed from a left-handed torsion to a right-handed torsion field, thus creating a coherent and harmonious signal that is in greater harmony with our body. Conscious Technologies also sells laptop and tablet trays that do the same thing for people’s laptops and tablets.

To purchase a Cell Phone Harmonizer and other products or to watch a detailed 21-minute video on this cutting-edge technology, visit