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Natural Awakenings Rhode Island

Plant Based Medicine is Here

Feb 27, 2020 02:00PM ● By Maureen Cary

This month, we’ve got lots of exciting news for readers starting with the most obvious change, our new Natural Awakenings layout design. We’ve freshened up our style a bit and hope that you are as thrilled with the results as we are. We would love any feedback on your reading experience. 

We’re equally excited to share that the new hyper-local website platform for is officially up and running. You have likely noticed we have been slowly adopting the new website over the past couple of months. One of our favorite features is the online calendar. Calendar listings are now available in print, as always, and online there is room for more words and pictures to showcase your event! We loved the older calendar entry tool on the old website but we just had to share the capabilities of the new system allowing you to enter the in-print version and the online version for a much wider audience with bells and whistles.  As always, we are proud to be able to offer this capability free for our advertisers and the benefit of the readers

To go right along with our new Plant Based Medicine section, writer April Thompson shares the secrets of making this a seamless transition in “The Roots of Good Health: Thriving on a Plant-Based Diet.” A growing number of Americans are moving away from meat and more toward plant-based foods, a development that comes with the promise of glowing health and expanding culinary horizons.

Julie Marshall reveals the healing powers of a popular hemp-based oil in “CBD’s New Frontier: Help for Mental Health” and Rhode Island’s own Dr. Thomas Rocco and Krystle MacDonald explain the benefits of CBD as part of an exercise training regimen to allow better muscle healing and strength. It can be quite confusing with all the different types and delivery methods of CBD and often hear folks with concerns that they will get “high” from it, which is not true at all.  These are a few of the reasons we started the Plant Medicine section.  Each month there is information and resources to guide you on your journey into the garden.

But that’s not all there is to say about how hemp, a crop that was illegal in U.S. soil for about 50 years. Common sense has prevailed and hemp is now reaching for the sun as this no-buzz cousin to marijuana fuels high hopes among farmers, agricultural researchers, manufacturers and consumers for its use in a host of fiber-based products and its potential to combat climate change. Don’t miss Julie Peterson’s enlightening article, “Hemp Gets Hot: Meet the Hardest Working Plant on the Planet.”

We hope you love the changes and enhancements we’ve carefully designed with you, the foundation of our publication, in mind. Share your thoughts with us at MCar[email protected]. We’d love to hear what you think.


                                    Feel good, live simply, laugh more!


                                                                        Peace, Maureen