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Rocking to Better Health

Tilt Active Corp., inventor of the TILT ACTIVE Lever rocking chair, is planning further research on rocking exercise in 2020, including potential neurological benefits of stimulation of the vestibular system. Tilt Active Corp was founded in 2018 by John Duke and Jonathan Haisman. The TILT ACTIVE Lever Rocking Chair allows people to sit comfortably and move at a range of levels, from soothing rocking to significant exercise. The chair has arm levers that lift the user’s weight upward and forward to provide resistance and initiate rocking.

The original kernel of the idea for the TILT ACTIVE rocker was a way to aid fall prevention among seniors, by providing a comfortable way to maintain abdominal core strength with stimulation of the vestibular system. But it has happily become more than that. Abdominal core strength also supports the spine, which is known to relieve lower back pain. A group of 12 therapist and exercise professionals evaluated the chair in 2019. All found the TILT chair enjoyable, with significant potential for building core and upper body strength.

The TILT ACTIVE Lever Rocking Chair is a way for people to exercise and increase their daily activity. For many, it may just be a great way to keep moving while watching television, with the added satisfaction of a smooth and enjoyable rocking motion. For others, it may satisfy an individual need to improve abdominal core strength. Available for sale now.

Location: 80 Fountain St., Pawtucket. For more information, call 401-281-9138 or visit See ad on page 11.