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Animals Have a Voice to be Heard

Jan 31, 2020 10:35AM ● By Chloe Moers
Every being has a soul, a spirit and an essence. The bird, the cat, the bug, the plant, the river, the rock, the human; all have something to share and teach the inhabitants of this world. When we close our eyes and open our hearts, we can understand the universal language that connects all consciousness. 

As humans, we are a part of the natural world. We are not machines. We are humans who feel, experience and exist. We naturally fit into the world ecosystem, but sadly, in the current state of the world, “Humanity is suffering from a great separation sickness, a real disconnect from nature,” says Anna Breytenbach, interspecies communicator, animal activist, conservationist and public speaker. 

Listen to the advice of those that inhabit the planet alongside us:

Butterfly: Once I was a caterpillar and I loved it. Now I am a butterfly and I love it.

Dog: Just your love is enough.

Dragonfly: Fly. Always fly. And, when you need rest, do not lose your wings.

The secret of happiness from a yellow bellied bird: Feel the music of nature. Feel the rhythm of being alive. Dance, fly, be the heartbeat. Be present and aware. From there you will know happiness. You don’t have to struggle or fight, just be.

A heron sharing their knowledge on balance: I am here to bring a message of calmness and tranquility. You can balance perfectly and nothing has the power to tip you over. Some humans have learned how to do this. Learn how to balance and be in harmony with yourself and your surroundings. Once you do this, nothing can knock you down.

A message from a frog collective: Observe us and we will observe you. Every time you meditate allow a new perspective to come. For unless you are focussed on the past, each meditation shall be different. If you get bored, then you are not truly in the present moment.

What is it like to be a frog? There is not a lot of fear as we accept what is happening in the present moment. We feel very alive, warm and comfortable. We are not scared of humans but, instead we react to their energy and their intentions. If you are calm, relaxed and full of love we will be attracted to you and not want to hide. We are not capable of feeling fear but we have instincts and thus know when to hide or get away. We do experience other emotions and we can feel content, happy or in pain. For the most part we do not like being touched. You may sit with us when you’re not hostile but, please leave us be. We will be happy to speak with you.

 As humans, we sometimes get lost in our busy life, our emotions, and where to go next on our journey. It is time to come back to our roots and find help from a special friend that has a voice. All we have to do is open ourselves to it.

 Chloe Moers is a quantum reiki grand master animal communicator and animal reiki master channeler teacher. For more information, call 401-556-7199 or visit MagentaSunHea