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Renew Family Wellness Now Open in East Providence

Jan 31, 2020 04:28PM

In partnership with the Sage Healing Collaborative, in East Providence, where Renew Family Wellness is located, Dr. Jesse Steinberg offers his unique, gentle chiropractic care with a reiki master’s touch. He specializes in pediatric care, and also works with people of all ages. His gift is to see the interconnection of the parts or systems of the body, as well as emotional and soul aspects, and facilitate deep integration and healing.

His practice is accepting members. Out of abundance, he is proud to be able to offer a unique gift of the first three adjustments for babies and infants free of charge. “Whether we are young or old, and wherever we are in our health journey, being witnessed at our deepest essence with touch is powerful and nurturing to the core,” he shares.

 Location: 201 Waterman Ave., 3rd Fl., East Providence. For more information, call 401-284-8278 or visit See listing in the Community Resource Guide.

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