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Love is in the Air!

Jan 29, 2020 01:19PM ● By Maureen Cary

Love is in the air this month, and at Natural Awakenings, our editorial team has been focused on matters of the heart—the one that keeps us alive and well.  What does your heart good?  As I thought about that question, the standard responses of exercise, diet and regular check-ups first came to mind. Then, I started thinking about the positive emotional influences, which suggests a different prescription for health, such as communing with nature, connection with others, optimism and, of course, love in its infinite manifestations. Valentine’s Day can be a gentle reminder to revisit how well we are loving our self and others.

 In “Sacred Vessels: The Lifeblood of Heart Health,” writer Julie Peterson examines the crucial role of the vascular system and how simple, natural lifestyle choices can prevent or remediate damage that can result in a heart attack, stroke, vision loss and cognitive decline.

 In “Good Hearts Start Young: Boosting Kids’ Cardiovascular Health,” Ronica A. O’Hara underscores why it is never too early to embark on the path to cardio fitness—beginning in the uterus where maternal choices can set the stage for conditions like high blood pressure in their offspring by the time they’re in grade school.

As good as my intentions are to pursue healthy heart activities on all fronts, I find myself challenged by society’s frantic energy that seems to catch most of us. I’ve heard that we take in as much information in one day as our ancestors absorbed in one year in the 1500s. It’s doubtful that the human capacity for input has grown at the same rate. I’ve also learned that a healthy state requires that output balance input—in quality if not quantity—all of which keeps us busy.

I don’t wish to go backwards and surrender the benefits of progress (where it’s truly beneficial), including the wonders of technology. Yet, it’s healthy not to let technology shift us away from the heart of life, the necessary activities that satisfy our essential humanity, ranging from face-to-face communication and thoughtful gestures to eating the right foods.  

 So here we are, February 2020!  Love it with all your heart.

 Happy Valentine’s Day!