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What Could Be Living In Your Attic?

What Could Be Living In Your Attic?

by David Jones

While putting holiday decorations back in the attic for another year, it is good practice to take a few moments to do a bit of detective work. There could be all manner of activity going on up there and much of it could be putting your health at risk.

So, what to do and what to look for?

Even without the attic lights on, our nose can often tell us something’s not right. Ask your nose: Is that smell wholesome or so different that it needs to be investigated?

Mold, dank, pest urine and feces, dead animal odor, or anything that just isn’t right should alert you to look further. A trail of mouse, rat, squirrel or pile of bat droppings and stained or damaged insulation should be telling you to get a professional inspection. Mold and decay caused by too much moisture could be spreading all over the wood, insulation and everything else that may be in there.

All these problems can cause serious health issues that may seem minor now but can develop from an occasional itchy, runny nose to life threatening respiratory conditions. Don’t use home remedies such as bleach to try and take care of odors; it often makes matters worse. Organic and natural techniques are available that can safely treat any unhealthy situation. If you smell or see something that doesn’t seem quite right, don’t live with it. Call pest control to make sure that wood decay, mold or pests are not jeopardizing your welfare.


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