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Ward Off Colds and Flu at Earth’s Hidden Treasures

Ward Off Colds and Flu at Earth’s Hidden Treasures 

Earth’s Hidden Treasures, a holistic store/center in Assonet, Massachusetts, has several recommendations and services that can help with colds and flus this winter season. Halotherapy (salt therapy) treatments help to reduce phlegm and create an infertile ground for germs and viruses to multiply. Immun-A-Tea uses Chinese herbaceuticals to help strengthen the immune system to prevent illness.

Copper has been shown to kill viruses and bacteria instantly when touched by copper. It disrupts the electrical balance in a microbe cell. Reiki energy has been used to alleviate a cold’s discomfort while promoting healing and recovery. It helps to balance 
the chakra system and revitalize the energetic field. 

Finally, crystal energy has been used for centuries to balance and infuse the aura with health and well-being. Some crystals that are recommended are carnelian (helps body absorb vitamins while removing congestion), fluorite (cleansing and purifying while removing toxins), aventurine (circulation and anti-inflammatory), citrine (supercharges the energy field), and bloodstone (balancing and cleansing the bloodstream).

Location: 63 S Main St., Assonet, MA. For more information, call 508-644-7398 or visit See ad on page 18.