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Natural Awakenings Rhode Island

2020? Really?

Dec 27, 2019 01:02PM ● By Maureen Cary
2020? Really? 

It seems hard to believe, I’m not sure how to define my feelings. I’m filled with wonder, excitement and anticipation. It just feels like big things are going to happen in a year such as this. We all know it’s just another day but there is something about how we count the rotations around the sun, watch the seasons come and go, and see our incremental changes over the years that makes a new year, and this time a new decade seem sureal. This is the second beginning of a decade Rhode Island Natuarl Awakenings has seen. So many things have changed since we started and here we are embarking on 2020 and still, I have my wonderful Natural Awakenings family lifting me up and growing with me. OK 2020, let’s do this! 

We should be able to turn over new leafs, start new programs and make resolutions at any time and, truth be told, we do.  But there is something very enticing about doing it at the beginning of a new year.  As if we were a clean slate just awaiting a piece of chalk to define our year, and ourselves. 

John Koenig’s article “Commit to Change” offers some very practical steps to help succeed with our resolutions.  From getting real to working the plan one day at a time, there are lots of tips to help us improve our chances of success. People often joke about the failed resolutions of past years so this year, I’m going to focus on the many things I want to do better and the small incremental successes I can achieve.

I attended a session a while back where we talked about new years goals. There were some of the standard ones; exercise more, eat better, loose weight. One of my favorites though, was to be less judgmental, and I immediately added that to my list. This process has me thinking: what I would like to accomplish in 2020, not just for my physical body, but my psychological self as well? It’s something to think about when making our list. Change is not just about how we look and feel physically, but where we are mentally. Are we nurturing our hearts, minds and souls? Will we commit to tending to those less tangible, yet no less important parts of ourselves as faithfully as we commit to working out? Being kinder, more helpful and thoughtful is a good place to start. That includes being kind to yourself if you slip on your resolutions. If we don’t keep trying, then we can never succeed.

Welcome to 2020. I am focusing on the future and ushering in the New Year with grace and ease rather than 20/20 hind sight. I commit to allowing the changes to flow and 
believing in the adventures ahead. 

Happy New Year!