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All I Want for Christmas is a Bug-Free Tree

All I Want for Christmas is a Bug-Free Tree

by David Jones

Bugs live on almost every plant; Christmas trees grown outside are no exception. These bugs include adelgids, aphids, bark beetles, mites, praying mantises, psocids, scale insects, spiders, moths, sawflies, weevils, bark lice and webworms. Worse than bugs, however, is buying a tree that has been treated with toxic pesticides once it has been cut to kill off any resident pests. 

Here are a few things to do for a bug-free tree this year:
• Buy an all-natural, untreated tree. They usually cost a little more, but don’t expose you to secondary poisoning.
• If a natural tree isn’t available, then wash the one you do get with a spray of soapy water using one drop of dish washing liquid to a pint of water. This will kill most bugs. Leave the tree to dry off and then shake over a white cloth to catch dead bugs. 
• There’s not much that can be done economically about bugs living inside the tree itself, but they will probably stay hidden until January 6 (the 12th Day of Christmas when trees traditionally should come down) anyway, so don’t worry too much about them.

Above all, have a wonderful festive, chemical-free holiday.

For more ways to enjoy a chemical-free home and yard, call David Jones at Bio Tech Pest Controls at 401-315-2400 or visit See ad on page 33.