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Seeking Balance; Safeguard the Good of This World

Dec 02, 2019 01:49PM
by Jo-Ann Sarro

Finding balance in life is something many of us strive for, but its attainment can sometimes be hard to grasp. Whether it is attempted or learned through exercise, meditation, yoga, knitting, or some other mode, seekers of true balance in life must first be true to themselves. This search must be somewhat fluid, with an ability to change and adapt with circumstances and life choices. The act of seeking balance is as important as the moments of balance achieved and should serve as a means to learn and understand ourselves better.
So what might assist us in our discovery of the perfect mode and ways to achieve life balance?

First, explore. There are so many options out there, but don’t get lost in the crowd. Be sure to pick what is right for you, and don’t be afraid to try new or old ‘tried and true’ methods. Not every “new and better” will ring true in the end, so use common sense. 
Is there one method you are resistant to? Getting out of our comfort zone gives us the opportunity to grow. Not feeling any results? It is probably time to move on. Any practice requires some discipline, but if you have honestly tried for a period of time, and still feel no benefit, it is probably a good sign to take another approach.

Find the drains. We all have responsibilities, and at times challenging people in our lives. Do not overlook these occurrences for the wealth of learning they can be. One of the easiest and hardest lessons we can learn is that most of our issues with things are because of us. Stand in that reality for a while and see how much easier it can be to gain more control, and inner peace in your life. 
Some things can’t be changed. And some situations can truly be unhealthy or even dangerous. If something proves to just be a negative drain, then whenever possible, show it the exit. Then, let that new space be reserved for something or someone that nourishes your life. Choices can be difficult, but when they come from a clear place, beyond the pain is the betterment of our life, and we are closer to the realization of the balance we all wish to live in.

Identify real goals. Remember a key element to the balance of life is built on our understanding of our self. Don’t rob yourself of the best relationship of your life –you. As with any other person, learning the vocabulary and dialogue that helps us reveal true goals is an important factor if we will ever accomplish any of them. So, look to others for guidance, practices, or advice, but always define your goals for yourself from your clearest, most heart-driven moments. Don’t give your power away.

Stand in wonder at yourself. Being alive is a wonder. Standing in wonder is not about how pretty, popular or well-outfitted we are. It is about recognizing our place and connections to all that is alive and thriving. We will not be here forever, but we are here now. That has meaning in its complicated simplicity. Celebrate those moments that let you know you are connected to all living creatures, to nature itself. Practice celebrating that you are important and that together we are creating the world we live in. Let’s safeguard the good of this world and in each other. When we strive towards appreciation and balance, we all heal.

Jo-Ann Sarro, D.Ac, Dipl.Ac, M.Ac, is owner of Five Harmony Health, located at 655 Main St., Ste. 214, East Greenwich. For more information on services offered, visit See ad on page 33.

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