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Oct 29, 2019 03:43PM ● By Maureen Cary
Accessing Our Divine Guides

by Meghan Greer

The Akashic Records, with their ancient history, are becoming better known today. The Records have served to access divine guidance for thousands of years and are the invisible frequency that exists throughout the universe, scientifically proven as a type of material that holds our physical world together. 

The Records can be accessed through either the assistance of a practitioner or on one’s own. Access requires a level of training and practice in order to deliver information that is helpful and precise. “Akasha”, is a Sanskrit (Hindu) word that means space or air. This energetically impressionable field of light contains the history of all that has been in existence. This includes the history of all of mankind’s thoughts, words and deeds, plus the existence of all entities (corporations, governments and countries, etc.) By our birthright we have access to this field of joy and peace; it is through societal influences that we forget. From this field of the Akasha, we can receive information to light our path on our souls’ journey through the physical world. 

Different from a tarot card or psychic reading, a Records reading is information specifically from our own guides. In this life, every person is assigned personal guides to aid in navigating in the three-dimensional world. These are powerful beings of light that exist in the higher realms above the astral plane. These beings do not have physical bodies, and it is their strong energetic presence that comes through during a reading. 

A Records reading delivers information for greater understanding of both personal and/or professional situations. The intention of this information is to offer a new perspective to apply to a present situation while moving forward in life. When this divine guidance is applied, great changes can occur, and new opportunities begin to appear. 

World religions understood the relevance of the Akasha. Many make reference to this energetic presence indicating its omnipotence, independent of dogma. Numerous public figures have pursued a deeper understanding of the Records including astrologer and physician Nostradamus; psychologist Carl Jung; “the sleeping prophet” Edgar Cayce; scientist Gregg Braden; theosophical pioneer Helena P. Blavatsky; artist Alex Grey; philosopher Rudolph Steiner and the most recent and up-to-date research by systems theorist and Nobel prize nominee, Ervin Laszlo. 

Laszlo defines Akasha “as an all-encompassing medium that underlies all things and becomes all things, so subtle that it cannot be perceived until it becomes the many things that populate the manifest world.” To best understand the impact and importance of the Records in today’s advanced technological existence, they are equivalent to an astral internet or Universal Wide Web. 

Today, leading-edge science is more frequently integrating with universal spirituality in recognition that our universe exists and evolves as a unified entity. The higher in consciousness we rise, the more we will recognize that all of humanity is truly one mind, heart and soul. Love is the frequency of the Akashic field, and love is the unifying element that connects us to each other. 

Meghan Greer, of Empress Healing, is certified as a coach, energy worker and intuitive healer. She offers information gathering sessions for both personal and professional settings. Services within a session may include energy healing (cord cutting, ancestral healing or soul agreement activations.) A complementary phone call is available to answer session-related questions. For more information, call 401-378-4234 or visit See Resource Guide Listing on page 44.