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Learning the Science of the Mind

Oct 29, 2019 03:06PM ● By Maureen Cary
Learning the Science of the Mind 
Center for Spiritual Living in Southern Rhode Island

by Wendy Fachon

The Science of Mind is a philosophy of spiritual truths grounded in science, and Reverend Celeste M. Warner is sharing this wisdom through her ministry at the Center for Spiritual Living, in South Kingston. Her vision is “one world that works for everyone,” regardless of each individual’s religious or cultural affiliation. The Science of Mind founder, Ernest Holmes (1887-1960), studied the world’s many religions and identified commonalities. He correlated these findings to establish a unifying set of new thought principles that are scientifically provable in practice. 

The principles are based on the belief that the fields of religion and science are complementary, and that science will prove what the mystics have said for thousands of years about the nature of God, human beings and the universe. These principles have been proven by quantum physicists, who are finding that the universe is made up of energy that cannot be destroyed, and that the universe is infinitely intelligent. This translates into endless possibilities for each being’s life.

Intentions and ideas flow through a field of consciousness, affecting and creating the world around us. The concept that our thoughts create our reality is common to most major religions. This is supported by the teachings of psychology and the study of the energy of the mind. As you think, so you become. In other words, the secret to living a successful life is to consciously choose positive and productive thoughts.

Warner shares these words of wisdom, “Everyone of us can choose peace every moment of every day. If that were your only spiritual practice, that would be your ticket to a life full of happiness.” She advises people to check in with their own bodies, asking themselves, “Who am I being now? Am I being kind, fun, joyous, nonjudgemental?” By practicing greater self-awareness, people can identify and examine self-defeating behaviors. Then they can make the conscious choice to change the flow of their energy from negative to positive.

Ernest Holmes expressed the precept of the unity of life as Oneness, stating, “I believe in the incarnation of the Spirit in all, and that we are all incarnations of the One Spirit.” Warner personalizes the precept, “Focus on your goodness. You are a unique expression of the One. No one can do God like you.” Then she asks, “What made you who you are? What is your special gift? What are you bringing to the world?” and she helps individuals observe, reflect and shift into a more positive mindset. Thoughts of peace, love and abundance attract more peace, love and abundance.

Warner explains the power of gratitude and the law of circulation, the flow of giving and receiving. The law states that all things in the universe are always flowing in circulation and at an ever-expanding rate. What a person gives, he or she will receive from a different source in multiple. All that is necessary to promote the flow is a simple “thank you” for that which is received. There is infinite abundance, enough for everyone. “Life is an all you can eat buffet,” she says.

Those that embrace the Science of Mind believe a spiritual universe with intelligence, purpose, beauty and order. Their beliefs are in harmony with all the world’s great spiritual teachings, and they honor all paths to a unifying power, whether it is called God, Spirit, Energy or Universal Intelligence. It is a divine presence that dwells within and without, never separate from anyone or anything. Study and spiritual practice lead to a greater understanding of this Oneness. 

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Wendy Fachon is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings and host of the Story Walking Radio Hour on the Dreamvisions 7