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Natural Awakenings Rhode Island


The Full Moon on October 13 will occur in Sidereal Pisces in the lunar star of Revati. It’s a wonderful time to imagine, dream, manifest and travel. Pay attention to nighttime dreams on October 13 if searching for clarity. Enjoy a foot massage with castor oil and essential oil of lavender. To ignite the power of this full moon, use sensitivities for compassion, meditation and creativity instead of getting feelings hurt. To cool any inflammation that may have accumulated from the summer heat, take a walk under the full moon and let the moonbeams kiss your cheeks and quell your fire.

 The New Moon on October 28 will occur in Sidereal Libra in the lunar star of Swati. Love, beauty and the arts may surround us, though there may be a sense of change, instability and upheaval that we can’t put our finger on. New opportunities for balance, negotiation and diplomacy in relationships will be present. New love is in the air, but it may come and go with the wind. To optimize the power of this new moon, eat more grounding foods like root veggies, apply warm oil to our skin daily before a shower or bath. Restructure relationship dynamics to bring in more harmony. Adopt a “team work” mentality with loved ones and colleagues.

          The difference between the tropical zodiac and the sidereal zodiac is about 23 degrees. Both systems have value. Sidereal astrologers believe the qualities of the signs are not related to the seasons, but rather to the specific portions of the ecliptic as measured against the fixed lunar stars.


Karyn Mahrie Chabot, M.Ay, LMT, RYT, has her masters degree in Ayurvedic medicine and has been an international teacher and presenter in the field of metaphysics, astrology and healing for more than 25 years. For appointments, call 401-680-3934 or visit See ad on this page.