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Wigs Work Wonders

When hair loss occurs as a result of chemotherapy for cancer treatment, alopecia, medications or by natural causes, individuals may feel discouraged. Hair loss, whether it is a temporary or permanent, can be a very traumatic experience for anyone, especially for women. The loss of a woman’s hair goes a lot further than vanity. For most women, her hair is part of her overall self. Dealing with hair loss can be a very emotionally draining endeavor that leaves women with an even greater loss—the loss of self-confidence.

          When chemotherapy for cancer treatment is the cause of hair loss, wigs can be a natural part of the healing process. They give a cancer patient a new, healthy look, enabling them to focus their emotional energy on healing. Hair loss usually begins two weeks after chemotherapy or radiation, but some drugs used in chemotherapy don’t cause hair loss. This is a discussion patients can have with their medical provider.

          If facing cancer treatment and the possibility of hair loss, it’s best to begin considering options for managing hair loss before the first treatment.

          Medical providers should have a list of caring, compassionate wig retailers in the area that offer guidance and help.

          Wigs can be fun and aren’t only a solution for hair loss. In fact, wigs have come a long way, and women, even those with a full head of hair, are discovering all the possibilities they offer.


When a woman looks in the mirror, most of the time, it’s all about her hair. If her hair looks good, all is good. Wearing a wig can be empowering. If a woman feels good about her hair, it gives her a major boost of confidence, which can often last the whole day.

Change / Versatility

One of the big advantages to wearing wigs is the ease of change or versatility of the styles. With hundreds of styles and colors to choose from, changing one’s look has never been so easy. From long blonde with highlights to a short curly, or medium wavy brunette, wigs are an easy way for anyone to achieve the look they want however often they want to change it.

Time and Affordability

Who doesn’t love that fresh out of the salon feeling of fantastic hair? Salon hair care is expensive and time consuming to achieve “the look”. Synthetic wigs come pre-styled allowing women to get their desired result immediately, and in some cases at a fraction of the cost of a trip to the salon. Even day to day wear is easier with less fuss. Simply pop on a wig and go. No more bad hair days to contend with.

Role Play /Entertainment/Travel

Try a wig for a new and exciting look or to spice up a relationship. Whether in a local theater performance or just looking for a different persona for a night on the town, wigs are a great way to become whoever you want, whenever you want and have fun doing it. They are fun and convenient to use when traveling. Wigs weigh much less than hair products, so pack a wig and leave the hair products behind.


Donna Ouellette, of Evolve Nutrition & Vitality, is a cancer survivor certified in functional nutrition. Her wellness boutique has a full line of health and wellness products and wigs and accessories to help with hair loss. She offers an eight-week Power to Feel your Best class based on an individual’s needs. Free consultation by appointment. For more information call 401-578-5879 or visit See our ad in the Community Resource Guide