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Natural Awakenings Rhode Island

Yep, I Can Get In There

If mice could talk, that’s what they would be saying right now. Looking for a nice place to stay for the winter, a small hole not much bigger than a nickel can offer them an easy way into the warmth and food they would need for the winter.

          Before mice leave their summer nests, have a pest technician use a blue/black light to uncover any small holes that would give mice easy access to inside the home. Copper mesh that doesn’t rust, a probe to push the copper in place and a special foam tube can be used to seal the holes tight. External bait boxes can also be monitored to make sure that any hungry mouse is controlled while outside.

 To secure your home from mice, call Bio Tech Pest Controls at RI: 401-315-2400 or CT: 860-445-BUGS. See ad on page 15.