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Skin Brushing for Detoxified Skin

by Pamela Auger

With so many exfoliating options on the market today, it is important to choose one that removes dead skin cells effectively from the outermost layer, the stratum corneum. Skin brushing is an ancient beauty method that has been around for centuries and still exists today to reveal smoother, healthier, glowing skin. The removal of dry, dull skin with a face or body brush allows for better product absorption, and helps to maintain the health and well-being of your the skin which is approximately the size of a beach towel.

Neglected areas such as neck, décolletage, breast, underarm and stomach hold many of the body’s lymph nodes. Brushing helps kick start the lymphatic system to aid in natural detoxification and removal of metabolic waste by clearing the tissues of infective organisms and toxins from face to toes.   Giving the body’s largest organ—the skin—some extra love and attention with brushing goes a long way toward maintaining good healthy, happy breathable skin.  

Since the Roman bath era, skin has been brushed, cleansed and massaged with beautiful lotions, serums and oils to nurture the skin. To this day, men and woman of Middle Eastern, European and Indian cultures practice skin rituals, especially before wedding ceremonies. Skin, like teeth and hair, should be brushed to be at its healthiest.

Here are six reasons why a facial/body cleansing brush benefits the skin:

1. Stimulates collagen production for the body to improve skin’s tone and texture; 

2. Improves circulation, increases blood flow and promotes natural oxygen throughout the body;

3. Exfoliates and assists with skin cell turnover for improved skin elasticity while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles;

4. Removes rough, clogged skin can reduces acne, blackheads, brown spots and Keratosis Pilaris (chicken skin);

5. Massage gets the energy moving and assists the body’s normal detox process, often promotes relaxation and. reduces the appearance of cellulite as skin tightens;

6. Brushing is an invigorating, sensory experience with beauty benefits.

Face/Body Skin Brush Steps

 It is best to dry brush the body skin in the morning 2-3x per week before showering to stimulate blood circulation and remove dead skin layers. Use a quick, upward brushing movement towards the heart except for stomach/groin area, which should be brushed downward (see diagram). Use similar strokes like brushing through one’s hair. Skin will become slightly pink, not red, which would indicate brushing too hard. Dry facial brushing can also be performed once skin has been washed and dried dry, use the same upward strokes as a simple, chemical-free way to exfoliate your dead skin cells. If new to the brushing practice, ease into it by using the brush wet with cleanser to wash the face and body, or use it to apply/massage in a favorite beauty product.  Avoid use on rashes, cuts, infections or open wounds or newly shaved skin.

Treat each cleansing as a spa experience every day. You will be “feeling good in your skin” when you invest in your best accessory and protection to the outside world.

Pamela Auger is a nurse/licensed esthetician, founder of OctoVie Skin Beauty Brush and owner of MySkincareGirl LLC, a cosmetic beauty solutions company in the South Coast. Her products are available at Whole Foods or on Amazon. For more information, call 508-812-0714 or visit