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Natural Awakenings Rhode Island

Paradigm Shift LLC

by Wendy Fachon
Using a results-oriented approach to therapy, Paradigm Shift helps people break free from issues that have been holding them back for a long time, so they can flourish and thrive in every area of their lives. While traditional talk therapy works with the conscious mind, 95 percent of human behavior is driven by the unconscious mind. By accessing both parts of the mind, synergetic therapy produces much better results.
As the only provider of synergetic therapy in Rhode Island, Paradigm Shift’s certified practitioners offer an approach that integrates traditional therapies with mindfulness, spirituality, evidence-based energy psychology and some of the newest science. Therapist and founder, Alyson Franz, enhances traditional synergetic therapy with transformational programs specifically designed to get her clients to where they want to be in the shortest time possible.
Franz’s comprehensive programs are meant for people that are ready for and committed to internal change. Her approach is ideal for individuals that feel like the traditional model is not working for them or those that are at a plateau in the traditional model. Longer and more in-depth sessions include an individualized plan for each person. This allows for uncovering issues and aspects that might not come up in the traditional 45-minute session model. Franz provides each client with a clearly guided path for healing and self-growth. Franz states, “I have a 100 percent success rate. Everyone who commits to the process accomplishes what they set out to accomplish with me.”
Franz is the author of two books: The 3 Keys to a Fulfilling Life is a 15-page eBook available for free on the company website; The Grief Cure is currently available for Kindle on Amazon, and it will be available in print in about nine months. These books are written for people struggling with trauma or significant life stress and for those looking for a way to deepen their sense of peace and fulfillment.
Location: 1395 Atwood Ave., Ste. 201, Johnston. To learn more about synergetic therapy and Franz’s transformational programs, call 401-383-7633, email or visit