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Business Spotlight - Creatigo

Stress-Relieving Playshops for All Ages
by Wendy Fachon

Creatigo playshops comprise a holistic approach to relieving anxiety through artistic expression. Founder Debbee Radcliff, M.Ed, RMT, is a special education teacher and holistic arts professional with more than 25 years of experience. Her style and professional training ease the stress associated with the typical workshop experience. Sessions are appropriately playful and interactive; adults and kids alike feel relaxed as they discover or learn new approaches to accessing creativity.

As an educator and a shamanic practitioner, Radcliff integrates experiences with nature to promote calmness, mindfulness and creative inspiration. She explains, “The observation of a beehive presents techniques kids can bring out of nature and into the classroom to help focus themselves on organization because nature is organized.” Additionally, children get a serotonin boost and produce Vitamin D just from being outside. Radcliff adds, “When they stay inside playing video games, they are living in someone else’s creativity instead of their own.”

Specializing in human development, Radcliff explains when children get in touch with their own bodies and connect with the amazing world around them, this helps to reduce stress and promote healthy brain development. They relax and remember who they are by themselves. Children build self-esteem from within and playshops helps them discover their ability to know who they are through creative engagement.

Citing the work of psychoanalyst Rollo May, author of The Courage to Create: “Creative courage is the discovery of new forms, new symbols, new patterns on which society can be built.” The power to create exists within each child. It’s important to note, however, each child develops at his/her own rate, cultivating unique gifts and interests. It helps when parents and teachers are present with the child, meeting the child where he/she is. This is one objective of Creatigo’s playshops, which emphasize the creative process.

As a gifted intuitive artist, Radcliff uses the process of touch drawing (TD) for healing work. She studied the technique with Deborah Koff-Chapin, founder of the Center for Touch Drawing. “During this sacred process, the individual enters into deep communication with their soul and guides. Paint is spread on a white board and covered with tissue. As their fingers touch the surface of the paper, meaningful forms, symbols and patterns emerge. Messages come through the individual’s hands onto the paper to create pictures. The resulting drawings are in the form of faces, symbols, characters or other significant images. These images are created for the individual’s interpretation and healing.”

Creatigo is not just for kids. Parents often participate with their children in the playshops. Sunday, March 10, Radcliff will be speaking about adult creativity at the Discover You Wellness Expo in Warwick. Re-THINK How Creativity Can Serve You at Work and In Life will inspire adults to begin re-tapping into their inner child. Once upon a time, adults built tree houses, made bike jumps, filled up coloring books and invented games. Then, work happened; adulting happened; stuckness happened; stress happened. It’s time to access that spontaneous child within and set free the vital creative energy, innovation and productivity that will help make the world a less anxious place.

For more information, contact Debbee Radcliff at 401-793-0097 or Michelle at 401-287-2781 or visit See ad on page ??.

Wendy Fachon is a regular contributor to Natural Awakenings magazine. She teaches about the power of words and helps people share their remarkable stories and ideas through writing. Follow her new blog Writing with Wendy at