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Caretaking with Help from Flower Remedies

by Linda Beal

How can we cultivate well-being and invite simplicity into our increasingly complex lives? How can we truly nurture our children and ourselves?

Children are extremely sensitive and drink in their experiences and surroundings. Sensory and emotional overload, in its many forms, is a bit like eating too much food—hard to digest. Considering our fast-paced, technology-dominated and information-saturated society, it is of the utmost importance to create calm, welcoming spaces and designate ample free time.

Caretakers of children can exercise quality control in their homes and in their lives. Turning off electronic devices and tuning into nature is one powerful step towards enriching lives. Tuning into and attending to quality and what is truly nourishing on each level—physical/sensory, emotional and intellectual—helps us to simplify, prioritize and reduce the endless distractions, and better recognize the hidden ploys for our attention, time and money.

Sensory overload can lead to emotional overwhelm, otherwise known as stress. Stress can reveal itself in common symptoms, such as anxiety, aggression, poor self-esteem, short attention span and many others which can impact our children’s learning and emotional well-being. Nature is the perfect antidote to our stressful lives. Rather than overtaxing our senses, spending time in nature can revitalize our whole being. All natural flower remedies can also come to our aid to reduce stress and renew our children and ourselves.

Flower remedies, also called flower essences, can serve as a bridge to nature and can also help us become more in-tune with our own selves. Gentle enough for babies and animals, the first flower remedies were created in England in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, a prominent physician at the time. Bach flower remedies have been used widely in Europe for decades and have been joined by many other flower essences from around the world, most notably those made in California by Flower Essence Services.

Flower essences are created from the flowers of specific plants and trees and can help our children and ourselves release sensory and emotional overwhelm. In this way, like nature itself, flower essences can come to our rescue in today’s world.

Here is a short list of helpful flower essences (from Bach/ Healing Herbs and Flower Essence Services) that may help us care take and sheathe our sensitive children, and help us to better digest and balance our fast-paced lives:

Bach Rescue Remedy/ FES Five Flower Remedy – to help calm acute stress

Rock Rose – for extreme fear

Mimulus – for everyday fears

Star of Bethlehem – for soothing from shocking events, past or present

Dill – for digestion of sensory overwhelm

Chamomile – for soothing of emotional tension, especially for children when held in stomach area

Lavender – for soothing of nervous tension

Larch – for self-confidence and self-expressiveness

Indian Pink – for centering, self-containment, and focus amid much activity

Pink Yarrow – for emotional boundaries and sheathing

Yarrow – for soothing and sheathing for sensitive individuals

Because there are countless flower essences available today, some less reputable than others, it is best to consult with a certified and experienced flower essence practitioner for long-term stress or ongoing emotional states and imbalances. By safeguarding our children and ourselves from unhealthy influences, and providing health-giving time and care, we can help our children grow towards their highest potential.

Linda Beal, M.Ed, is a FES certified flower essence practitioner. Her private practice, Inner Garden, is located in Wakefield. For more information, visit