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Building a Web Presence with Mind Key

by Wendy Fachon

Mind Key helps businesses establish and maintain the online presence essential to building and retaining customers in today’s web-centric business environment. Holistic health practitioners, artists, merchants and independent tradesmen work hard at providing their services, yet they often lack the time, skills or inclination to take advantage of online tools as part of their marketing strategy. As part of the Mind Key Project, which connects people to the resources they need to achieve success, Mind Key Business Services was created to help businesses do a better job of staying in touch with their customers through the creation and mailing of newsletters, social media maintenance, blogs and more.

Newsletters are the number one way people learn about and remember services. Seeing a business provider’s name in their inbox each week reminds customers to reach out when they’re ready for their next appointment or product purchase. The Mind Key team publishes content into an easy-to-read, interesting, visually pleasing weekly newsletter. They also maintain the email list, adding new contacts as businesses provide them.

Social media is one of the most cost-efficient digital marketing methods used to increase market visibility and build brand awareness. Mind Key can help maintain all of a client’s social media pages and provide regular reports on page hits.

Blogs improve a website’s search engine optimization and help drive traffic to the website. Blogs are also used as a tool to establish authority and build trust. Mind Key’s professionals will create and as many blog posts as a company needs to build and maintain new traffic. They write conversationally, yet professionally in journalistic magazine-style, and all posts are edited by a seasoned journalist and editor.

All of Mind Key’s online communication services can be purchased separately, or combined at a significant discount. The company’s team works together to build and maintain a platform that allows clients to keep their focus on their own business expertise. The Mind Key process begins with a Business Consult to determine exactly what online communication services a business needs, and how its team can help with this. Each of these services is completely adaptable and can combined together to best fit a business’s goals and budget.