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Last-Minute Get-Away to São Miguel

Atlantimagia Tours Inc., a tour company headquartered in Bristol, is offering a travel package, Azores Active Fit Trip with Adriana Ferns, from March 23 to 30. The package includes flights, hotel, tours and trails, and is limited to 20 people.

Atlantimagia Tours was started by Louis Victorino, who immigrated to the United States in 1972 from the island of São Miguel. After many years away from the island where he was born, he and his wife, Doreen, visited São Miguel island and fell in love with the culture, landscape, traditions, cuisine and its kind people.

They wanted to start a tour company in São Miguel to have the opportunity to show the beauty of the islands to their family, friends and others that have never seen this beautiful part of the world. In 2017 they created a partnership with a very reputable tour company in São Miguel, and included Paulo Cordeiro and his daughter, Cristina, to promote the company.

Atlantimagia’s main objective is to offer the client high-quality service, with 24-hour support from arrival to departure, to guarantee that clients have an unforgettable vacation without any worries. Working with their clients, Atlangimagia designs itineraries tailored to guests’ desires. From organizing activities, managing hotel accommodations, flights, tours and transfers, the company will provide the best solutions to suit the clients’ needs, whether it’s a group or an individual.

Each Azorean island has its own identity, with its own unique strokes in the landscape, traditions, cuisine and architecture. They have been sculptured by ancient volcanoes and populated over the centuries by courageous and kind people. The long list of natural parks and protected landscape guarantee the preservation of priceless natural beauty. The Azores are considered to be a sanctuary of biodiversity and geodiversity and one of the best locations for nature tourism.

Cost: $1,750 per person (double occupancy). For more information, visit