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Exercise is a Gift to the Body

Mar 01, 2018 01:28PM

by Elizabeth Phinney

From the moment we wake up and put our feet on the floor to the moment we lie back down at night, we are in a constant state of motion, using our bodies in one way or another. Everything we do requires some physical action on the part of the body. Every movement we make, every stair we climb, every car we get into—even driving, requires use of the body.

Our relationship with our body is one of give and take. Certainly the body is ever-present in the giving department, but where are we in the giving back department? How often do we thank our body? What do we do to show the body that we appreciate every action and every response?


Most of us don’t consider our relationship to our body in that way. We simply assume our body will respond to whatever we ask of it. Only when we suffer an injury or illness that lays us up for some time do we gain a closer understanding of what it feels like when our body is not available. Once on our feet again, though, we typically go right back into the taking and expectation that our body will respond.


Ask the simple question: What can I do for my body, for the sole purpose of enhancing its quality of life? The answer is take one hour each day, approximately 6 percent of our waking hours, to exercise the body and say thank you. By doing something that is solely for the well-being of our physicalitywe will completely change the relationship we have with our body. A respect and cooperation will be developed that was never felt before. Our body will respond by being more alert and reactionary, more responsive and more energetic.

Elizabeth Phinney is an ACE certified personal trainer and owner of Fitness After Forty Five. Visit for more information. See ad, page ??.

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