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Stretch Your Body, Soothe Your Soul

Oct 01, 2017 02:21PM

New Spa Service Brings Flexibility Within Reach

by Wendy Lewis

Most of us know we should stretch, but how often do we, really? Now, Massage Envy offers a way that anyone can experience the many health benefits of stretching in a convenient new service, Total Body Stretch. In response to client requests and current trends in health and wellness, Massage Envy has added the service to its already extensive list of body care offerings.

While everyone can benefit from “static” stretching, or stretching on their own, Total Body Stretch is a specially developed system of assisted stretching, customized for each session and individual. “Assisted stretching helps create more length in the muscle and gives faster, longer-lasting results,” says kinesiologist Tommy Lombardo, who began working with Total Body Stretch clients at the Waterman Street location in Providence this past summer. Lombardo, who works with a wide range of clients, from athletes to office workers, says the benefits are often immediate. “I see them walking out more easily and with longer stride lengths,” he says. “They leave already feeling relief from issues like lower back pain and neck tension.”

The benefits of stretching are well-documented. Athletic, active people cite stretching as a critical aspect of better sports performance and helping to avoid injury, and the average person can expect increased overall flexibility, everyday mobility, better sleep and an overall feeling of health and wellness. “Just focusing on the breath during the session provides a great overall benefit,” says Lombardo.

Available in 30- and 60-minute sessions, the service is an affordable, convenient option for busy people trying to fit wellness into their lives. Lynn Garvey, manager of therapist development of four Massage Envy locations in Rhode Island, says, “It provides a new tool for our clients who are in pursuit of total body care.” Plus, she says, because the session is performed while the client is clothed, it’s a great introduction to therapeutic touch and is ideal for those new to massage and bodywork.

Total Body Stretch practitioners have a background in anatomy and physiology; many are kinesiologists, exercise physiologists and massage therapists. All are trained in the Streto Method, exclusive to Massage Envy, which was developed by an award-winning chiropractor, massage therapist and ergonomist. The Streto Method is a series of 10 targeted stretches whose key principles include “top-down” stretching, which encourages relaxation from the brain downward, and deep breathing, which helps deepen each stretch and connect mind and body. During a session, practitioners cue the client in breathing, encourage ongoing feedback, and use yoga blocks and trigger-point balls as needed to help meet the client’s goals.

Total Body Stretch, now available at Massage Envy locations nationwide, helps serve the franchise’s mission to bring whole, first-quality body wellness to the general public. There are five locations in Rhode Island: Cranston, East Greenwich, East Providence, Lincoln and now Wayland Square in Providence.

To learn more about Total Body Stretch and book a session, visit

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