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Brushing Up on Wellness

Cancer Survivor Invents Product for Whole-Body Beauty

by Wendy Lewis

When Pamela Auger faced breast cancer five years ago, a barrage of treatments—a lumpectomy, surgery and radiation—saved her life but damaged her appearance. “I was left with skin that was burned, rough, discolored and pigmented,” says the North Smithfield native. And when she searched for treatments or products that might help, she came up empty. A licensed practical nurse and medical esthetician, Auger knew what her body needed to heal. “I needed something to promote my health and wellness, something that would detox my skin and renew it, and cleansing with a loofah or fingertips was not going to do that.”

When she couldn’t find a skin care solution, Auger created her own—the OctoVie Skin Care Brush, an ergonomic, handheld tool with 265 finger-like nubs that simultaneously cleanse, exfoliate, detoxify and oxygenate skin. It is reusable, portable and BPA- and latex-free.

Auger credits her family with helping to create the brush. Auger’s father, an engineer, helped her design it, and her daughter provided the inspiration. Auger still gets choked up when she recalls what her then-10-year-old daughter taught her just two days before Auger was to begin chemotherapy. “She sang me the Christina Aguilera song ‘Beautiful’ and said, ‘It doesn’t matter if you’re bald, mom, because cancer can’t touch your spirit—that’s where the beauty is.’”

Auger developed the brush as a way to “pay it forward” and help others in a greater capacity than she could, one-on-one, as a nurse. “I want to help keep other people healthy and well so they don’t have to go through what I went through, which was awful. We all have body struggles and body issues,” she says. “The brush can be called a beauty tool, but it’s more than that—it’s a tool for people to practice self-love and self-care, from the inside out, wherever you are in your journey.”

Response to the OctoVie Skin Brush, since its release last year, has been positive and Auger is currently developing a new mini version for the face and a Vineyard Rose colored version for breast cancer awareness. From her cancer survival experience, Auger says she learned that “cancer can’t take away the essence of your spirit or your soul,” and that’s why she uses the tagline, “Feeling good in your skin” to promote the OctoVie brush.

“That’s what real beauty is all about,” she says. “The body is a magnificent machine. Sometimes it just needs a little help.” And OctoVie isn’t just for cancer survivors. “It’s for anyone who has skin,” says Auger.

The OctoVie Skin Brush is available at Whole Foods Market in Providence and Cranston and on To learn more, call 508-812-0714, visit or the OctoVie Facebook and Instagram pages. Watch the “OctoVie Dry Wet Brushing Demo” video on YouTube.