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Eat to Look and Feel Younger

by Anna Golub

The connection between food and beauty is very powerful and even small changes in our diet and food choices can radically change the way we look and feel. 

The power of beauty food is incredible.  It can change the skin and hair, make eyes brighter, tone the body and even create an inner glow, making one feel years younger. To achieve true beauty from the inside out, incorporate these beauty-building foods into one’s daily diet:

For youthful skin: avocados, spinach, red bell peppers 

For brighter skin: figs, cucumbers, acai, sweet potatoes 

For strong collagen and wrinkle free skin: turmeric, cabbage, citrus fruits, cold water fish 

For skin softness: walnuts, flaxseed, almonds, avocados 

For blemish free skin: probiotics, ginger, arugula, onion, garlic, raw apple cider vinegar 

For strong beautiful hair: nutritional yeast, carrots, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds

For beautiful eyes: blueberries, beets, celery, asparagus, collard 

For beautiful cellulite-free, toned body: buckwheat, oat groats, hemp seeds, millet, chia seeds, kale, parsley, cilantro, pears, apples

It is essential to practice proper food combining for optimal digestion and to ensure that all nutrients are absorbed to help reverse aging and provide for maximum health and beauty benefits.  

Anna Golub is an award-winning skin care specialist, with a background in biology, nutrition and medical technology. As an innovator and proponent of organic skin care, Golub has accumulated more than 20 years of study, research and professional experience in paramedical esthetic as well as anti-aging and holistic skin care. She is the owner of Renaissance Clinique, located at 154 Waterman St., Providence, and formulator of Vitana skin care as well as a contributing author of the publication Skin as

a Mirror of our Health and a member of American Association of Nutrition Counseling. For more information, call 401-521-0762 or visit