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Elemental Fashion

Get “Fired” Up With Unique Jewelry

Five-element energy has been used in Chinese medicine to help people overcome illness and emotional issues for thousands of years. These five elements are fire, wood, earth, metal and water, and they are understood to be the five aggregates that comprise the world. Energy from the five elements embraces the energetic matrix of the universe and it is said to flow together within us to bring harmony and balance.

Sara Yo healing jewelry uses stones that reportedly have absorbed rich spiritual energy from the universe over the course of time, according to Dr. Hannah Hershoff, M.D. and Ph.D., who discovered these stones in a remote area near her hometown in Southeast China. The heart-shaped stones used in Sara Yo healing jewelry predominately bring fire energy. “These stones are made from the mineral Jingdezhen Kaolin formed over millions of years ago. Jingdezhen kaolin mines have a long history and were reserved for royalty 2000 years ago,” she says.

According to literature, fire energy is the energy of heat and it is yang in nature. It is a strong, dominant element that fuels you with ambition, motivation and the ability to take action. “Many people become fired up and turn into go-getters after connecting with fire energy from their heart shaped Sara Yo healing jewelry,” says Hershoff. The unique process used in the creation of Sara Yo stones is based on a Chinese ancestral method involving local water, pine trees and special kilns all contributing to the five-element energy.

One particular experienced fashion model learned of Sara Yo healing jewelry when hired to model some of the pieces. The talented professional model had a very busy schedule; besides modeling for various fashion companies, her daily training and workouts left her exhausted. She was offered a choice for compensation: cash or trading for jewelry pieces at a wholesale price. She decided to try on the jewelry before making her decision.

After trying on a few pieces, she reached out to a bracelet on the other side of the table and, to her amazement, after a few minutes of holding the bracelet comprised of heart-shaped Sara Yo healing stones, she didn’t feel tired anymore. Eventually, two other models and a photographer all chose to receive Sara Yo healing jewelry over cash as compensation for their services . Hershoff says, “Many women feel more motivated and enthusiastic after wearing jewelry comprised of heart-shaped Sara Yo stones.”

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