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Organic Salon Systems Hair Color Safer for Pregnant Women

May 01, 2017 03:31PM

By Elaine Hewitt

The American Cancer Society, the Harvard school of public health and the American Journal of Epidemiology have all conducted studies that suggest a link between chemicals in hair dye and certain types of cancer.

The question also arises as to whether an expectant mom should be breathing in fumes associated with the typical chemical treatment. Ammonia, for instance, commonly used in hair coloring, is frowned upon by many doctors especially during the first three months of pregnancy. Inhaling some chemicals has been linked to physical birth defects in the fetus. Organic Colour Systems (OCS) does not use ammonia, resorcinol or parabens as well as numerous commonly used chemicals of questionable toxicity. 

Pregnant women are often sensitive to certain odors in professional chemical services. The OCS color line, as well as all of its retail products, are both subtly and pleasantly scented, or have no scent at all. Hair dyes that use certified organic ingredients and pharmaceutical grade chemicals versus industrial grade chemicals may be a far safer option for expectant mothers.

Organic Colour Systems was developed in the United Kingdom and maintains a constant commitment to creating products without toxic chemicals and ingredients. The company is also committed to green environmental practices and does not test on animals. By using more certified organic ingredients and fewer chemicals than anyone else, OCS has created an effective way to color hair as naturally as possible.

Expectant moms should be cautious about what they put on their skin and scalp. To err on the side of caution, they may choose to wait past their first trimester to have any chemical service performed.

Elaine Hewitt is located in Barrington, and she has been providing the cleanest, greenest, organic products to clients for 10 years. Her personal lifestyle is organic and holistic so it matters deeply to her that she provides healthy options for her clients. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 401-273-7005. See ad, page

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