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Natural Awakenings Rhode Island

A Natural Path to Motherhood

May 01, 2017 03:31PM

Mercier Therapy Promotes Conscious Conception

by Wendy Lewis

Pregnancy is a joyous time for most women, but for those having trouble conceiving, it can seem like an impossible goal. Now, a natural and gentle approach is helping women improve their reproductive health.

Mercier Therapy, created by Dr. Jennifer Mercier, is a technique of external manipulation of the uterus and ovaries that helps relieve restrictions, loosen scar tissue, increase blood circulation and return the pelvic area to optimal performance. Now offered in Rhode Island by licensed massage therapist Meredith Martin, the multifaceted practice promotes “conscious conception” and relief for many women’s health issues.

Meredith Martin, a lifelong advocate of holistic healthcare, added Mercier Therapy to her skill set in 2014 after reading an article about it in a professional journal. She says, “It resonated with me because it’s very structural work. I knew I had to pursue it, and I fell in love with it.” Since training with Dr. Mercier in the technique and becoming a certified Mercier therapist, she now offers the therapy at her Middletown practice. She is the only Mercier therapist in Rhode Island, Massachusetts or Vermont.

Martin, who has also earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from Rhode Island College and completed Level II reiki practitioner training, can relate to her clients’ fear, nervousness and despair. Despite her own challenging journey to healthy pregnancies, she is now a mother of two boys ages 13 and 3½.

By the time many women come to see her, Martin says, they have been unsuccessful, year after year, in becoming pregnant even after trying traditional medical methods including in vitro fertilization. Along with Mercier Therapy, Martin offers hope. “When they’ve been in a difficult pattern of failure it becomes their identity,” she says. “I want women to believe in their body’s ability to perform and to do what it is designed to do. The mind/body connection is very powerful. Wonderful things happen when they start believing in themselves.”

In a 2012 case study, 83 percent of clients receiving the therapy achieved pregnancy within one year ( Martin says she has also seen positive results in clients seeking relief from pelvic pain, difficult intercourse, painful periods, incontinence, gastrointestinal issues and constipation.

So that growing numbers of women may benefit, Martin hopes that Mercier Therapy will continue to grow and become more mainstream. “I love serving women and helping them feel and be the best they can be,” she says. “Ultimately, it’s about taking back your personal power.”

Mercier Therapy of RI is located at 136 W. Main Rd., Middletown. For more information, call 401-862-1042 or visit Just for Natural Awakenings readers, Martin is offering $25 off an initial consultation through July 31, 2017.

Wendy Lewis is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings.

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