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Organic Conceptions

May 01, 2017 03:27PM

Organic Conceptions Unveils Program Helping Couples Overcome the Mystery of Infertility Naturally

91 percent of Organic Conceptions research participants conceived naturally within twelve months after some form of acceptance.

Organic Conceptions, an organization and community dedicated to helping couples overcome infertility naturally, is unveiling the results of more than two years of extensive research on commonalities of couples diagnosed with infertility that have gone on to conceive naturally. Its nine-step audio program, The Journey to Parenthood and Beyond, applies principles of biology, sociology, psychology and multivariate statistics demystifying miracle baby success stories, examining commonalities and unearthing strategies that empower potential parents to put an end to their struggle. The data comes directly from couples who, after years of trying to conceive, change course to only find out that they were soon pregnant.

In the U.S. alone, 7.5 million women (or 12.3 percent of the population) and their partners suffer from infertility per a study conducted by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Organic Conceptions focus is to unveil the fundamental key components of couples that overcame infertility naturally, and to help bring clarity to the infertility mystery. 

 “It seems that everyone knows of a couple that struggled for years with infertility, decided to adopt, and then conceives naturally,” says Marc Sherman, founder of Organic Conceptions. “We are the first organization to conduct research that provides answers that can finally explain these far too common stories and provide guidance through our nine-step program to help reshape the cognitive side of a couple’s journey.”

Sherman and his wife Erin struggled with infertility for almost 10 years before shifting their perspective, finding peace, embracing their own journey, and then they conceived naturally. “Our research proves there are patterns and insights in these common infertility experiences that can help others think and act differently as they embrace their journey to parenthood,” he says.

“Through our research, we scientifically mapped the similarities among participants in their journey to conceive and pinpoint common moments and triggers along the way,” says Kate Webster, Ph.D., chief researcher at Organic Conceptions. “We discovered predictable tipping points, key shifts and statistical patterns, and learned strategies and tools that we share in the program that help couples embrace, trust and grow along their journey to parenthood.”  

Founded in 2015, Organic Conceptions is an organization and community dedicated to providing hope, inspiration, and guidance to the millions of couples trying to conceive. For more information, visit See ad, page ??.

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