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Natural Awakenings Rhode Island

Chakaradance with Zandra Matthews

Throughout time, music has been used to balance one’s chakras. Each of us has our own natural rhythm and Chakradance allows one to feel and express as only the individual can.

 Chakradance was founded in London in 1998 when Australian-born Natalie Southgate combined her chosen profession as a healer and psychotherapist with her love for dance. Since then, the modality has worked its way across the pond to the U.S., allowing many to experience this form of self-expression.

For each chakra, a different piece of music has been composed that has sounds and musical tones designed to resonate with that chakra. There are no steps that must be followed; simply let the body and soul be one’s guide. A facilitator leads participants through the dance as they feel the rhythm of the music with closed eyes, allowing one’s spirit to soar. While freely expressing oneself in this fun workout, individuals get in touch with themselves and facilitate self-healing.

A Chakradance session consists of guided imagery, movement and a creative piece. The creative piece is called a mandala. According to Carl Jung, a mandala is the psychological expression of the totality of the self. Thus, by using a mandala, participants express what moved them while dancing in a creative way. Sometimes it may be colors, symbols, or an in-depth picture, but it is one’s own experience. There is no right or wrong.

Sheila Olson is an owner of Blue Dragonfly Wellness and has been involved in the holistic field since 2007. She is also a teacher of qi gong and Tai Chi Easy having studied with Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD.  She practices Crystal Dreaming, crystal healing, reiki, as well as Integrated Energy Therapy. She can be reached at 401-741-5055 through Blue Dragonfly Wellness for appointments.