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Natural Awakenings Rhode Island

How to Make a New Year's Revolution

by John Koenig

Although it may not seem like it, people really do make big changes in their lives all the time. These people create revolutions in their life. A revolution is a dramatic shift in the status quo that replaces an old regime. To make a personal revolution, follow the path successful personal revolutionaries have taken.

Get a Revolutionary Attitude

Revolutionary change is not so much a result of willpower as “unwillingness power”. You have to become unwilling to stay stuck another day. To start a personal revolution in one’s life, some hard questions need to be asked and truthfully answered. What have you been putting up with that robs you of health, happiness and full self-expression? Here are some areas to consider:

Your Body
Are destructive habits like smoking, drugs or too much alcohol, or not enough exercise threatening your health?

 Your Relationships
Are your relationships working for you?

Your Career
Are you in the right career for your talents and interests?

Your Finances
Where will you be financially in five years? 10 years? Beyond?

Your Spirituality
Do you feel like you are missing a connection with a Higher Power or your true purpose?

Acknowledge the cost of remaining status quo. Recognize that change may involve risk and, therefore, some effort and discomfort, but also imagine the benefits of really changing. People that make real changes—revolutionary changes—often describe the starting point as being “sick and tired of being sick and tired”.

Start Acting like a Revolutionary

Revolutionaries are passionate about change. Be willing to try new things, not just revisit old attempts. Enlist allies and coaches. Create an arsenal of new weapons. Go public with your revolutionary intentions. Declare all out war against your personal oppressors. There is little to lose and everything to gain. By overcoming the fear associated with change, there is hope of finding true freedom.

John Koenig is a board certified hypnotist practicing in Warwick and Seekonk, MA. Call 401-374-1890 to schedule an appointment or free evaluation. See ad, page ??.